Steve Lurie



Co-owner Ridge Rocker Turkey Calls

Get busy livin' or get busy dyeing.

Stan Bradley



Co-owner Ridge Rocker Turkey Calls

I was fortunate enough to be raised on a farm where I had the opportunity from a young age to hunt fish and trap, I spent most of my youth hunting squirrels, rabbits, frog gigging and running turtle lines. I started deer hunting with my bow at the age of 16 last year marked my 35th bow season in the woods of Kentucky in 1995 I went to big game guide school in Gunnison, Colorado. I spent a year there after returning home I started Turkey hunting and it turned into one of my biggest passions.
Today I am blessed to be part owner of a great turkey call company .I am also blessed to have a son that shares my passion and love of the outdoors. We deer hunt together in the fall we turkey hunt together in the spring we bowfish together in the summer what more could i ask for.

Mark Peterson




My name is Mark Peterson. I am 39 years old and have been hunting since the age of 11 when I was put in a deer stand by my uncle. Around 16 I started turkey hunting. I love to bow hunt and prefer to harvest animals with my bow but am not afraid to grab my gun especially when after stutters. I had a teacher in High School who was into turkey hunting and gave me some tips but I pretty much learned turkey hunting on my own. From the first time I heard and knocked down a bird the obsession began. My first bird I harvested all by myself. I recently started traveling to others states about 6 years ago hunting these awesome birds. This has greatly deepened my love for talking turkey. My ultimate goal is to harvest a turkey in every state and all the Slams. My new found love is elk hunting. That is if I have time saved from hunting turkeys. But for me there is no better place than the turkey woods.

Kevin Gullett



 Kevin can’t remember a time when the outdoors was not part of his live. Growing up with a very strong and close family in Oldham County Kentucky. His father had him in the outdoors for 30 of his 38 years teaching him to hunt and fish. He hopes to get his three daughters out and into the wildlife to share it with them. He plans to teach them to hunt just about any game anyone that anyone is ready to cook up. Kevin has a passion for duck,turkey,bow hunting and fishing.He is also learning filming and photographing for the outdoor life. 

Kirsten Godfrey




I’m 24 years old, and I’m from Elizabethtown, Kentucky. I’m an avid outdoors woman who fell in love with the outdoors when I was just a little girl. I have people ask me all the time how it was that I got so involved into hunting. They ask me if I have any other hunters I learned from in my family, or older brothers that made me a tom boy. They are shocked to learn that I taught myself everything I know. I encourage women and children hunters to get outside and learn about what the world has to offer. If you have the desire and will to do something, you can do it!

John Tincher



With nearly 35 of his 40 years spent in the woods and on the water, John has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about where the wild things are. Growing up in rural Kentucky and being raised on hard work and horse farms has helped to insure his love of all things outdoors. Successfully taking many bucks in the 130 to 160 class range, he knows the hard work and dedication that is involved. Countless hours outdoors only serves to remind him that time is a human institution. Everything in the woods and water lives life on their own time, in the own ways, and by their own means. And when you become in tune with that, it makes you a much better outdoorsman. 

Kenzie Taylor




My name is Kenzie Taylor, I am 25 years old now and I live in Madisonville Ky! My cousin got me started on turkey hunting and my first hunt ever we called in 3 at the same time! I'll never forget the excitement and adrenaline when they all 3 were strutting and drumming... I've never felt something like that hit me in my chest, and I almost lost it when they gobbled! Truly a one of a kind experience for a first turkey hunt! I love having the option to personalize a Ridge Rocker quality call for the individual and I have my first bird memorialized in one!
Currently, I have taken several Eastern Turkeys since I first started turkey hunting at the age of  20. In 2018, I was able to shoot my first true Osceola with a good friend, and for 2019 I'll be heading to Nebraska for a Merriam! Let's bust some skulls and Rock The Ridge !!! 


Steven Roll



My name is Steven Roll I am 28yrs old I was born in Billings Mt. But currently live in Washington. Growing up i have learned to do it all. Hunt and fish, From catching trout in a creek to chasing elk in the deepest of the mountains. I have been turkey hunting since I was about 12 yrs old, I love chasing them with a shotgun or bow. 

Kevin L. Riehle



Growing up I spent more time in the woods and in the water than I did on concrete. My dad taught me to not only enjoy the outdoors but also to respect it and to give thanks for our harvests. I got my first gun when I was 12 years old, I single shot H&R Topper model .410. The next day we were off on my first rabbit hunt and I haven’t slowed down since. All though I grew up hunting it would be 33 years later before I got my first deer. An 11 point buck taken on opening day. The very next year I picked up bow hunting. 4 years a go I decided I wanted to get in on the spring action and taught myself how to turkey hunt. I was lucky enough to harvest a nice tom that first year and that only fueled my passion even more. Now I cant wait until spring when the fields start to turn green and the toms start their magical chorus for all the hens. It is my quest now to pass along the heritage and traditions of the outdoors to the next generation of hunters and conservationists. 

Jimmie Green



I grew up the bootheel of Missouri and I now live in St. Louis area where I work as a cabinet finisher at a small plant in Fenton MO. I have been living here for the past 20 years with my wife, Sally. I started hunting when I was about 7 years old with my father, hunting small game, as I grew older I was self-taught hunting deer and turkey.  And that's when my passion for the outdoors hit me. I have been hunting deer for almost 42 years and hunting turkey for at least 30+ years. My real passion is turkey hunting. I have taken several subspecies of turkey and I'm 1 bird away from my 1st grand slam. My passion in the outdoors has opened a lot of doors for me. I am currently part of the Mossy Oak prostaff, and part of IWOM prostaff. I have been filming hunts for the last 10 years which has also opened doors for myself. I have gained respect and trust from the companies I have represented and I'm also a member of the NWTF, and Quality Deer Management Association, and NRA member. I live everyday thinking of hunting and the outdoors.  


My name is Jim Rogers. I am from Whitwell Tennessee. I am an electrician for National Aerospace Solu


My name is Jim Rogers. I am from Whitwell Tennessee. I am an electrician for National Aerospace Solutions. My wife Sherrie and I have been married for 19 years. We have two children, McKenzie (23) and Warren (17). We also have a two year old granddaughter, Blakeleigh. I love my family and I love hunting. However at times my wife and dog (Bama Jean) may tell you that I love running my turkey calls even more. 

James Culbreth



 My name is James Culbreth. I live in Stedman, North Carolina. For as long as I can remember I have been hunting. During the fall and winter months you can find me hunting waterfowl and whitetail deer, although one of my favorite things to do is chase turkeys. I harvested my first turkey when I was 13 years old on a youth hunt with my dad and have been hooked ever since. Every year I look forward to spring and the memories that it brings with chasing turkeys. 

Jason Mckinley



Favorite Game to hunt: Eastern Wild Turkey, White tail deer, Elk, and pretty much all small game.

Jason grew up in the outdoors thanks to his father Berman. Way back at the early age of 10 or so he began running the trap line with his Dad and was also introduced to small game hunting. He was hooked from there on.

Later in his teen years he was introduced to deer hunting that followed with the thrill and passion of chasing those Eastern Kentucky Long beards over the rolling hills of the Bluegrass. With his love and passion for the outdoors he began filming his hunts and has been addicted to the camera since then. Appearing on a few hunting DVD and TV shows over his career.

When Jason is not in the woods our on the water he is spending time with his family and always looking for opportunities to introducing others into the great outdoors. 

“Capturing you hunt on film is a priceless gem and treasure you can reflect or share with others even year later, during my outdoor experiences I can say we so are blessed with the gift of its beauty and presence. My years of hunting and fishing in the outdoors have probably kept me out of trouble many, many, times, ;-).” 

Mike Gullett



Mike Gullett grew up on a farm in Oldham County, Kentucky and began hunting when he was 8 years old. He shot his first limits of rabbits with his grandfather when he was 10 years old. Mike has hunted everything from rabbits, deer, turkey, dove, squirrels, duck, and geese.

 In 1983, he went on his first duck hunting trip with his cousin Mark, and ever since then, he has had a passion for waterfowl hunting. In 1996, Mike went on his first turkey hunt, also with his cousin Mark, and doubled opening day. In April of 2000, Mike scored the state record non-typical tom with a score of 110 points. Mike's all time favorite hunting is now duck and goose. 

In 2006, Mike became the Chairman of Oldham County Ducks Unlimited and currently still holds this seat today. This chapter started out with 40 members and has grown to 150 plus members today. Mike, along with other DU chapter members, has hosted many events from Goose Bandings for kids and Sporting Clays Events as well as the annual DU banquet. He is very passionate about wildlife conservation for today and in the future. 

In 2013, Mike was hired as the Camo Lead at Cabelas in Louisville, Kentucky. He was nicknamed Camo Mike shortly after hire. This was because he is familiar with all camo patterns. In 2015, Mike became the Wildlife and Land Management Sales of tractors-Implements and food plot consultant for Cabelas. He currently is a pro-staffer for Mossy Oak, Higdon Decoys and The Kentucky Sportsman Association. Mike's hope is to have a role in the conservation of our hunting properties for our future generations.

Jeremy Steinkamp



Hello name is Jeremy Steinkamp, I’m from Brownstown, Indiana, lived here all my life, grew up on a dairy and hog farm, I have two wonderful boys age 11 and 14 and a lovely wife that takes care of us, I’ve been actively hunting for 20 + years, turkey and waterfowl are my biggest passion, whitetail is becoming more popular with me, love shooting clays with my boys, I own and manage Xtreme Limits Outdoors, it’s a small club that I enjoy messing around with, my boys and a few close friends help me, I take all my hunting time very serious, I try my best to go above and beyond my limits, that’s the way I was raised, you have to work hard for everything, I’ve built homes for many years, now I’m a construction foreman for my local Indiana DNR. Please feel free to contact me through Facebook, Instagram or email if you have any question about the outdoors ! 

Jordan Lecompte



My name is Jordan LeCompte and I’m from Taylorsville, KY. I was fortunate enough to grow up on the family farm allowing me to love the outdoors at a very young age. Over the years I’ve hunted just about every species there is to hunt. Although I didn’t start turkey hunting till about 5 years ago it came quickly to me that turkey hunting was a life long addiction after I harvested my very first long beard. Now I work a full time job and when I’m not at work you can find me hunting or on the water fishing and bowfishing. 

Mike Turner




Hello, I am Mike Turner. I was born and raised in Oldham County, Kentucky.

Hunting has always been a part of my life and getting my son out there with me.

I'm always looking forward to the next season. I've been blessed to be a part 

Of KYSA, Mossy Oak, and Ridge Rocker Turkey Calls Prostaff. I also am a BSA archery 

Instructor. Enjoy life and take part in the great outdoors. 

Joe Williams aka "Cousin Joe"



My name is Joe Williams; aka "Cousin Joe", from Taylorsville, Ky. For 25 plus years....and still counting, I get my adrenaline pumping in our Great Outdoors; from strutting Toms of the spring, the bluegill fishing & camping in the summer, & up to my deer stand in the fall, I truly enjoy every aspect of the brotherhood & memories made along the way. Under the wings of two cousins & my uncle, the hunter/fisherman in me was born. In 2011, I married my best freind & favorite camping partner. I am truly blessed, and honored now, to be a part of, and share, with the Ridge Rocker family.

Donnie Carroll


I was born and raised in Grayson County Kentucky and still reside today. I was introduced to the world of hunting since I was around 7. Early endeavors consisted of coon hunting with my father and small game followed. Deer hunting was a large step but it wasn’t till the spring of 1996 did I get introduced to turkey hunting! My absolute favorite hunting ever! I loved everything about it from the beautiful landscape to the sound of gobblers sounding in the distance! I could never get enough! As my passion of the outdoors took off I also took up painting wildlife and trying to capture every aspect of why I pursued wild game in the first place! To go out in the woods and hope for just a chance to see the wonders and get lucky enough to harvest a hard earned animal in fair chase! Learning the hard way every step of the way, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Kaylan Pope



My name is Kaylan Pope and I am 26 years old. I was born in Macon Georgia but moved to Florence Alabama to live with my aunt and uncle when I was 10, it was around 13 years old when Invited by a great role model of mine Scott Phillips to go hunting with his organization Outreach Outdoors. That turned into years of me and Scott deer hunting and eventually turkey hunting together. It was years later around the age of 23 when I really started getting absolutely OBSESSED with turkeys and everything about them. I would sit in my house and play with calls until it drove my wife insane. Here I am about to turn 26 years old in a month and not a day goes by where I don’t make gobbling noises when I see a sunrise! I’ll never get tired of watching a bird blow up, strut and gobble his head off in these deep southern woods. I am blessed with the opportunities that I have to spend time chasing these birds the way I do and I will spend the rest of my life living to hear those spring turkeys at sunrise on the roost rocking the ridge! 

Brandon Howard



 My name is Brandon Howard and I was born and raised in Tuscumbia Alabama. I started turkey hunting with my grandfather when I was around 5 years old. I was hooked on it. I always wanted to go. He called up alot of birds for me but I could never sit still enough to shoot one! I finally kill my first bird at age 13! Fast forward a few years to when im 16. I finally can drive! Im in the woods as much as I can be, teaching myself everything I can because my grandfather works on the road. I am now 20 years old, killed more turkeys than I can count, and helped several people kill there first birds. I just love being in the woods and listening to the world come alive.  

Casey Wethington



Casey wethington im a hunting guide and a avid outdoorsman. I go from chasing turkeys in the spring to Bowfishing in the summer to deer in the fall and waterfowl in the winter.

Daniel Haydon


  I grew up in Mt. Washington, Ky. I started to hunt and fish at a young age and because of that I now have about 28 years of experience and wonderful memories with my friends and family.
  My father first introduced me to hunting and we still hunt together as much as possible. In fact I don't think we've missed hunting together on opening day of turkey season since my first opening day. Hunting has been apart of our family for generations and I'm looking forward to carrying on that tradition with my two children.
  For me hunting is always about the experience. Seeing something I've never seen or doing something I've never done. That is my call to the wild. Every day is a new adventure and a new chance to make long lasting memories.
  Follow me on social media where I get to share my experiences and memories for everyone to see. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


Jason Draper



I'm 46 yrs old and have lived in Vermont most of my adult life. I've been turkey hunting for more than 25yrs. I'm a self taught caller and love calling and hunting turkeys. Hunting and fishing in general is a passion of mine. Whether it's chasing deer or turkeys the woods is where you will find me in my off time.

Dustin Lucas



Hello everybody my name is Dustin Lucas. I am 27 years old and have a love for the outdoors a mile wide. From chasing white tails, to sticking fish, and searching for sheds and arrowheads, my way of life always consists of being outside in this beautiful country. Being an avid outdoorsman is a way for me to relax and enjoy my time off work. It’s my place to go to regroup, to just sit and think, it’s my place I can lose every thought imaginable and just enjoy being apart of nature and all that it acquires. My favorite part of being outdoors is chasing big whitetails. It’s an endless journey especially when your set out to find his sheds which to me is like a needle in a haystack, seems impossible at times but the drive it gives you to hunt and to accomplish finding those sheds and harvesting a buck that you have worked so hard for is a feeling that can not be explained. It’s the reason we do what we do, all for that one special moment.

Deanna Lucas



Hi I’m Deanna Lucas, born and raised in the great state of Kentucky I was introduced to the outdoors way of life at an early age and since then I have become extremely passionate about hunting and the outdoors. It doesn’t matter if it’s sitting in a tree stand on a cold November morning with my rifle or standing on the deck of a boat on a hot July night with my bow there’s nothing better! Being outdoors is a way for me to zone out and really relax, it’s a relief from the world and a place I give nearly all of my free time. 


John Brantley



My name is John Brantley and I currently live in St. Charles, MO but was born and raised in Sturgis Kentucky. I started hunting when I was about 6 years old; when I was following my Dad around quail and rabbit hunting. I started deer hunting in the early 80’s and began turkey hunting in 1995 and I was hooked. I went out with some friends and we self taught ourselves to call. I have been blessed to have several great farms to hunt and take my grandbabies to hunt with me. 

Brandon Fallen



My name is Brandon fallen. I reside in ezel Kentucky with my wife and three boys. I started hunting at a very young age. My love for the outdoors has also grown in my kids . Started turkey hunting at the age of 10. And been bow hunting turkeys for past 14 years.My other passion is predator hunting and bowhunting whitetail. Also introducing and helping youth into the outdoors. 

Ryan Woodall




My name is Ryan Woodall. I’m 22 years old and grew up in middle TN. My whole life has been spent in the outdoors no matter what the season or the game I pursue. Turkey hunting always has and always will be one of my biggest passions. It’s a passion I plan to pass on to my son and future kids when they get older! There’s nothing quite like an ol’ Tom hammering back on a cool spring morning!

Genesis 27:3

“Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field, and take me some venison;”

Clint Sturgill



Just a average hunter who likes to hunt turkeys . Every once in a while gets lucky . Been part of several teams ,Groups . Quit some, dropped by some and some just stopped being a group all together. But it still has not stopped my passion and love for Hunting .  

Jason Elmore



 I'm Jason Elmore. I live in Russellville, Kentucky with my family God has truly blessed me with. The outdoors have been a part of my life since a early age when  I was old enough to tag along with my uncle deer hunting, chasing ducks and fishing with my dad. It's a blessing waking up everyday knowing I get to do the things I love. In the spring you'll find me setting next to a tree trying to convince that longbeard into gun range. When the winter rolls around I'll be chasing those ducks and geese. Nothing like spending time in God's outdoors with friends and family.  

Zackery Conner




My name is Zack Conner and I'm from Chester Illinois. I work for the IDOC and when I'm not at work I'm hunting or with my family. I've been an avid outdoorsman since I was 7 years old when I killed my first deer with a gun and started now hunting when I was 14. I also do a lot of predator hunting from coyotes to coons. But without a doubt hunting turkeys is where it is for me. There is nothing that excites me more then working a big tom on a crisp spring morning. I'm super excited to have the opportunity to be apart of this great company!

Rocco Besednjak




Rocco is a disabled US Navy veteran, and a recently  had to medically retire from the Shepherdsville Police Dept, due to line of duty injuries, from being dragged and ran over by a fleeing felon.  However, Rocco’s love for the outdoors, and hunting, never faltered.  Rocco is a self-taught hunter, and has been hunting for over 25 years.  Whether it was from reading outdoor magazines as a kid, or by trial and error in the woods, throughout his life, Rocco is constantly trying to learn new tricks and techniques.  Rocco has also passed his love for the outdoors, along with his knowledge, down to his two kids, whom he’s brought with him, to the woods, starting at very young ages.  Rocco also spends time with the Kentucky Wounded Heroes, who’s mission is to provide opportunities for wounded veterans and first responders to enjoy the outdoors. 

Chuck DuPont



My name is Chuck DuPont and I am from Franklin, Massachusetts.  I have been hunting since I was young and was introduced to hunting by my father.  I have a teenage son which I spend a lot of time teaching him the ropes as my father taught me.  I am a high school engineering teacher and from time to time you will find me in the woods with some of my graduates teaching them something new from fishing techniques to pheasant hunting, and everything in between including turkey hunting.  I help train new hunters each year through the Massachusetts youth turkey learn to hunt program, and offer mentor hunts to these young hunters.  I am currently the chapter president of the NWTF: Tri-County Strutters of Foxborough and serve on the Massachusetts State Board of the NWTF.  I am pleased to work with and have the pleasure to represent Ridge Rocker.  Good luck and happy hunting!


Hunter Moates




My name is Hunter Moates. I'm from central Alabama I'm 21 and have been hunting every since I was 3. I have been fortunate enough to hunt fro Alaska all the way to Texas and everywhere between. Turkey hunting has always been a passion of mine there's nothing better then a gobbling Tom and when you hunt as much as I do you want to team with the best in the business and to me that is Ridge Rocker 


Steven Tucker




My name is Steven Tucker. I’m 35 years old and live in the small town of Hayden, Alabama. I wasn’t fortunate enough to grow up hunting like most people I know. The only person in my entire family that ever hunted was my grandad and he died before I was ever born. I would listen to stories from friends of trips they went on, deer they had killed and turkey they had chased. By the time I was older and had kids of my own, I knew it was something I wanted to be able to give my boys the opportunities to experience that I never did. I started out all on my own with advice from experiences hunters I knew, buying all the proper equipment, not having a clue what I was doing but knew where I wanted it to end up. I was also fortunate enough to have a nice piece of family land eat slap up with deer and turkey. I’ve learned a lot along the way. Experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows when I comes to hunting. But it wasn’t till I heard that first turkey gobble early in the morning just at day break that I realized how much I would fall in love with turkey hunting!!! It’s like my heart just stopped literally. I had heard stories, but it’s not until you hear that bird for yourself for the first time that it all comes together for you. I’ve never looked back since and it’s a rush that just can’t be described with words. I look forward to being able to experience the same things with my boys and see their passion continue to grow. Hunting in general has changed for me from a hobby to a lifestyle in my family.