Thanks for Rockin' the Ridge with us!

 Here at Ridge Rocker we are committed to making high quality hand crafted & custom designed turkey calls for an affordable price. We have spent countless hours perfecting the high pitch, raspy yelps and sweet purrs. We are very proud of our calls and design work here at Ridge Rocker. Please take our proven calls into the field and let us be apart of your hunt. 


Prostaff Resources

Please contact us for information about our Prostaff.  Email Brandon Fallen at  brondonridgerockercalls@gmail.com  for more information.



Rutt-Gears superior safety design is what makes the Hunters Noose the strongest, quickest and safest tree harness anchor on the market today. Go to the Hunters Noose page to learn more.  Rutt-Gear’s goal on all products is to make sure that everyone gets home to there loved ones safely. All Hunters Noose's are made By hand in the USA. 8ft overall length. 350lb weight capacity. 3inch spring loaded attachment clasp for easy harness attachment. 


Using Rutt-Gear S.T.L.S the most advanced Stand & Trail light markers on the market. You will truly change the way you get to and from your stand for ever. This new technology will allow you to move to and from your stand in the dark quietly, confidently and safely like never before.